Beuys team had the pleasure to introduce you, Vicente Mosto, a Peruvian photographer that currently lives and works in Italy. His work is often focused in fashion portraits, capturing his photos spontaneously. As a result he reflects true emotions through natural colours and simple stories that transmit different messages. 

Please tell us about yourself

Born and raised in Peru where I studied photography. And started my career as a fashion photographer doing fashion, portraits and advertising. Then I moved to Italy to get out of my comfort zone and learn new things. All this time I realized that I have a particular taste for natural light.

How did you know you wanted to be a photographer? 

I knew it from school, I always liked to watch fashion shows and everything that involved it, "I wanted to shoot pictures of all those people".

How would you describe your style and what inspires you?

Spontaneous, I like to feel that I vanished, that the person who’s in front of my camera forgets that I'm there. The main thing that inspires me is the colours of nature and the happiness, and true joy of others.

Which areas of photography have you tried so far?


What do you want to achieve for your fashion photography in the


I want to develop an authentic and sincere style.

How do you think the lockdown the world is going through is going

to change the fashion photography?

It pushes us to simplify many ways that until now we’ve been working with, but it also opens a new door to change and transform the photography. Where photographers has to bee more creative and communicative.

The proof of it is this new famous online shoots, through a video call or Face time, models and photographers are developing a new way to shoot.  This new way can achieve good results with our creativity. 

How will the COVID-19 Pandemic change the way you shoot?

Being locked has been useful for me to understand my photos and my work more. Not everything has to be involved around the quality of the image, rather the importance of the message you want to give through it. It’s not about the means with which you take a photo, but how and with what purpose.




Location MILANO

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