APRIL 2020
by Ruth Buendía and Katherine Peña

Our routines have changed since we began the lockdown in our homes due to Covid-19 pandemia; the days have passed and we still don't know when this will end. When will our lives be normal again?

Isolation is now part of our lives, it's time to get inspired in many ways. Beuys family wants to share with you 5 films that every time we watch, we get to experience something new. 

Cold War (2018)

Pawel Pawlikowki tells us a passionate and tragic love story about a music director, who falls in love with a singer, during hard times of Pos-war Europe. Pawlikowki takes us back to a more tradicional form of cinema, black and white with a 1:33 ratio, beauty and melancholy as a result. One of the most beautiful movies we've seen in many years. 

Nevrland (2019)

Film by Austrian director Simon Frühwirth, tells the story of 17 year-old Jakob, who suffers uncontrollable anxiety attacks that force him to escape from reality. 

This is not Berlin (2019)

Directed by Hari Sama, a Mexican drama that shows us the underground scene in 1980's. Living in confusion and loneliness, 17 year-old boy Carlos, discovers a world of art, music, drugs, sex and political activism. This is not Berlin is a tribute to all those who feel lost and misunderstood, and who are looking for tolerance and respect. 

Enter the void (2009)

One of our favorite directors Gaspar Noe, plunges us in a provocative, dreamy and acid story of an American drug dealer living in Tokyo. Noe creates an unforgettable experience that shows what life is before and after death. 
NB: Not recommended for sensible people. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Wes Anderson gives us an exceptional piece of work of stop motion animation, with the adaptation of Roald Dalh's book. The film follows the unrealistic adventures of a fox family, wild animals and three mean farmers. 

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