From America to the world. Winston Peace, it's not only a model but a multifaceted person. Being a singer, songwriter and tattoo artist had opened him bigger doors in the creative industry.

He considers that the majority of our lives are controlled by obligations (jobs, curriculum, appointments, bills, etc.) and when he's able to say no to those things and dedicate time to doing exactly what he wants to do, that is freedom for him or at least the closest thing to it.

Three qualities that he appreciate most in a person are: Honesty, curiosity, and modesty.

When we asked him if he thinks people may judge him. His answer: he felt like we are all judged, but it’s important for him to remember the person judging him most is the man in the mirror.

He will describe himself with three adjetives: zealous, compassionate, and gregarious.

We asked him if he wrote a book about everything that has happened to him so far in a book people would want to read ?. His responded to this: A FIRM YES. A good book requires a great writer to put the words on the page with movement. The text has to captivate you. It’s not the story, but how the story is told.

He thinks everybody at least one time should recognize a comfort zone that they have, and step outside of it. At least eleven. I've never been rewarded more by the universe, than any of the times I've decided to take that leap out of my comfort zones. I promise you it’s scary, but I also promise you won’t be disappointed.

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