Nathalia Pink Suit by Alin Jotar, T-Shirt by Poet Couture ,The Pure Trend, Blazer by Raul Briceño, Ophelia Showroom, High heels by Cecy Von en Colectivo Creativo de Moda, Earrings by AVEC, Necklace by Rodete

Naoki  Suit by Welton & Sons, Body by Aphrodisia Swimwear en Ophelia Showroom, Vest by Raul Briceño, Ophelia Showroom, Boots by Rombo de la Rosa, Earring by AVEC, Rings by Rodete

Nathalia Suit by Alin Jotar, Blouse by Reina Díaz, The Pure Trend, Beret and Shoes by Stylist’s archive, Earrings by AVEC

Naoki Blazer by Welton & Sons, Blouse by Vero Díaz, The Pure Trend, Pants by Rcano, Indigo Fashion House, Boots by Rombo de la Rosa, Earring by AVEC, Ring by Iker Ortiz, Belt by Poet Couture en The Pure Trend 

Nathalia Pants by Reina Díaz, The Pure Trend, Harness by Young Romance by Eduardo Resendiz, Top, rings and shoes by Stylist’s archive, Earrings by Rodete

Naoki Shirt by Alin Jotar, Pants by Reina Díaz, The Pure Trend, Corset by Sánchez-Kane, Boots by Rombo de la Rosa, Hat by Trinidad Cuesta, Rings by Iker Ortiz, Articulated ring by Rodete 

Nathalia Pants by Poet Couture,The Pure Trend, Corset blouse by Alejandra Decoss, Necklace by Rodete, Stainless steel ring/marble sphere by  Iker Ortíz, Shoes by Stylist’s archive 

Naoki Blouse by Jeanette Toscano en Ophelia Showroom, Pants by Stylist’s archiveBoots by Rombo de la Rosa,  Stainless steel and corian ring by Iker Ortiz

Nathalia Shirt by Rcano, Indigo Fashion House, Pants by Fernando Alberto, Ophelia Showroom,Vest by Paloma Lira, Earrings by  Iker Ortíz, Rings by Rodete, Shoes by Stylist’s archive

Naoki Suit by Paloma Lira, Shirt by Rcano, Indigo Fashion HouseBelt by Sánchez-Kane, Shoes by Stylist’s archive,  Earrings and Stainless steel and corian ring by Iker Ortíz, Rings by Rodete, 

Nathalia Blouse by Alejandra Decoss, Blazer by Bless the Mess,The Pure Trend Alberto ,Pants by Stylist’s archive, Earrings by  Iker Ortíz, Shoes by Cecy Von ,Colectivo Creativo de Moda, Black binding ring by Alan Abraham

Naoki Shirt and Tie by Welton & Sons, Pants by Rcano, Indigo Fashion HouseCoat by Cihuah, Black binding ring by Alan Abraham, Hat  by Iker Trinidad Cuesta, Ring by Rodete, Shoes by Stylist’s archive

Photography EDWIN LÓPEZ 

Styling assistant  DIEGO CHOZA 



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