Born in Bariloche (Argentina) on November 6 male model Juan Jorge Saturnino Garcia Susini, well know as “Colo” for his redhead. Talk to Beuys on an exclusive interview. He sings since childhood. On his spare time he likes cinema, analytical psychology and physical exercise. Currently, in addition to serving as a model, he acts in series and movies when the opportunity to do so arises. We asked Colo a few questions to get to know him a little more.

What do you think is the feature that defines you and do you like more about yourself?


The feature that most defines me without a doubt is the color of my hair and it is a particularity that I greatly appreciate, because it defines me physically and differentiates me from others and the simple fact of being different has helped me define myself for who I am and not by how other people define me.

Is there anything that seems too serious to you to make jokes about?

No, freedom of expression is a fundamental feature for human beings and I believe that we should defend it because it is the way that allows us to build consensus, and not limit it to avoid some situations. Humor has the peculiarity of playing a lot with the misfortune and ridicule of people, and for this reason, I think that to know how to do humor in certain contexts, without offending other people, it is key to be empathetic and know the importance and benefits that involves respecting others.

What aspect of your life are you most grateful for?

I am grateful to so many things that I find it hard to choose one, but I think that health is an aspect that deserves such recognition. Despite being hard of hearing, I have no problem moving where I want, without the help of anyone, I can do and eat what I want and it is a real privilege to be able to live this well. 

Are there rules you have set for yourself? 

Yes, I think that we all set rules in various aspects and the goals we set for ourselves are rule-based constructions. Among all the goals or rules that I set for myself, the fundamental one is to do things from the truth and I understand that to do them this way I have to consciously “monitor” my choices and act accordingly. The underlying idea of this rule is to constantly develop the ability to transform myself so that the relationship between my thoughts, my words and my actions is consistent.


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