This time we got to know 18-year-old model Valentino from agency Wanted Bang. Born in Cordoba, Argentina and raised in a small town called Villa Allende, he currently works as a model in Mexico City and he is planning to go to university in the future.

The Beuys team has had the chance to work with Valentino a few times, for which now we consider him part of our family. 

This story was inspired on the sensitive side every man has, taking us through emotions that go from simple and smooth, to lively and fun. 
To complement the idea of this editorial, we asked Valentino 5 questions to get to know his personality a little better.

What traits (personality or physical) do you admire from other people and would like to have yourself? 

It’s hard to say, because the traits I look for in other people, I would also like to have them myself. The only thing I actually look for in any person is that they are not fake.

How would you describe your sense of humor?

Pretty simple, I laugh at everything most of the times and I also say funny or absurd  things that make other people laugh.

If you had the chance to travel to the past or future, what would you choose?

I enjoy thinking about the good and bad times I’ve had, because they make me who I am right now, but I would prefer a thousand times more, to go to the future, to see what comes next

Do you feel you know yourself? 

Traveling alone for almost 4 years now, and having to go through unique experiences on my own, have made know myself pretty well. 

Which song, would you say, defines you at this point of your life?

The truth is I don’t think any song can represent my life at this time; I only listen to music to get out of reality for a while.

Photography RUTH BUENDIA

Styling KATE PEÑA 



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