This time we got to know 20-year-old model Alejandro Olivar from agency Brum Model Management. Born in Veracruz, Mexico, he is studying a degree "Hotel and Tourism Management and Innovation" at UVM, Veracruz campus.

To complement the idea of this shoot we asked Alejandro 7 questions to get to know his personality a little better.

Tell us about your passions

Since I was little, my family encouraged me to play sports special basketball is one of my favorite sports, I currently practice it. Going to the gym is one of my favorite activities too! Hanging or going to parties with my friends is one of the things that fill me the most
and work to get what I want, I also love it, especially if it's in the sales area

Do you have any movie that identifies you?

Spiderman and special quote “With great power there must also come great responsibility”

Do you have any playlist you will like to share with us? ​

  1. 1. By my friend Kevin’s - “DANCE”

  2. 2. A friend of mine he’s a Dj, Rene “RANEX FAVS”

How did your modeling career start?

My sister has a friend that works in a model agency based in Veracruz she talked with them about me, as a result I got an interview. After that I signed with them and I start working as a model. 

Can you describe yourself..

I'm a positive person, with a good vibe, creative, I consider myself very social, confident in my actions, independent, fun, outgoing, loving. Sometimes if I don't make the right decision, I don't see it as a mistake, I see it as a experience. 

How did your modeling career start?

I can express myself not only through the camera, even with different people. In the industry I can meet new people. And finally, it is good to know that there are always comments that help me improve in different ways.


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